Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet Jesse Janes!

Every now and then I hang out on Etsy's Promotions forums. It's an extremely fast paced board about, well, promotions. There are threads to talk about your new items, your blog, to show items in certain colors, themes, all sorts of topics. About a week ago, I opened a giveaway thread and just happened to be the 500th heart.
The thread was started by Jesse Janes, you can see her shop here. As my prize she sent me one of her gorgeous tile pendants. The one I picked is just like the one below, but in red. This one is a sweet combination of pink and blue and is available in her shop here. The craftsmanship on mine is wonderful and I've received many compliments wearing it.

In addition to the bamboo style, she has lots of other tile pendants. Some are whimsical like this Rainbow Hearts piece.

I really like this keychain as well! You can find it here. Tell me this isn't perfect for those long car trips!

The shipping was fast, the pendant very well packed, and JJ is very friendly. So if you're looking for something for yourself or a gift for someone else, I can't recommend her shop enough! Stop by and pay her a visit.

photos used with permission

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jesse janes said...

Thanks for such an awesome post about my shop. I'm glad you loved your pendant!!!