Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Part of the reason I opened A Lily In The Garden is I wanted to give my youngest an outlet for her art. Obviously being her mother, my opinion is somewhat biased. But anyone who knows me well knows I set the bar higher for family, not lower. Little did I know however, that ultimately I would prove to be the obstacle. Nonetheless, what are obstacles anyway but something to overcome.

So what am I babbling about? Cards, or more precisely, making them. It's a learning process for sure. More adhesives to master, paper types to learn, new tools, and totally different shipping techniques. We're getting there though, bit by bit. So far we've created little more cards featuring the art she did for the shop banner. See for yourself -

They're small, about business card sized. They're good for thank yous, gift tags, or even little notes dropped into lunches and briefcases. As we refine our technique, they're getting more and more plausible. Right now it takes too long to make them but we are getting faster. Currently I'm using the samples as little gifts with purchase for the shop. I haven't had any feedback on them, but I also haven't asked. This is the next design, I think -

I love the watercolor effect of her work. She also has an expansiveness to her pieces that I find very visually appealing. They give me the feeling of being able to breathe.


kim* said...

oh man how cool are you for doing this for your daughter!

lisianblue said...

I really like her art work. She has a good eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. Nice color combination. I would really encourage her artistic endeavors!