Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog Giveaway!

How cool is this? I've paired up with Amanda from Alayna's Closet and we're doing a giveaway. You can go to her blog, submit a comment with your favorite item from my shop, A Lily In The Garden , and win a pair of these earrings -

They're made from recycled soda cans and are super lightweight so they're as easy on your ears as they are the environment. You can find them here. I can make them as studs or even clip on if preferred. Don't like the colors? I have dozens to choose from!


Carol VR said...

That is the most unique idea of seen in a long time.

Please do count me in,

lisianblue said...

Lily - those are really cool! What a neat idea.

How sweet of you to put an etsy mini of my shop on your blog! Thank you!!!