Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy, busy weekend.

Wow, where to start? A good chunk of the fence is up and the deck is completely torn out. We have a crew coming to do some more clearing and haul away the debris tomorrow. It will be nice to see all that gone. Of course, I had to get some "in work" shots. My favorite is of Em wielding the drill.

My designer's block has lifted. I did a new optician's lens called Song of Persephone. A comment by a friend triggered a second piece - Lament of Demeter. I don't have pictures of the latter, but here is Song of Persephone. I'll get pics of the Demeter piece tomorrow weather permitting.

It felt good to do another piece. The optician's lens necklaces are perhaps my favorite thing to make. Each one has its own story, character. I don't think I could replicate one if I wanted to.


lisianblue said...

Wow - does Em have some hair! Naturally curly?
I love power tools1

Very pretty necklace Lily. I like the lens ones too!

lisianblue said...

that was supposed to be a ! not a 1 hehehe